What is the saying that without pain there can be no gain?

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Points of View
From This point of view   You have probably figured out where I love to spend my time.    Hi,  my name is RichViers and my only real claim to fame is as the Grandfather to some great kids Points of View
Andrew and his pal Max.
Andrew and his pal Max.
Sean is 8 and loves Karate class.
Sean is 8 and loves Karate class.
This is Trynity. she loves to take selfies
This is Trynity. she loves to take selfies


If you would have asked me at age 20 what I would be doing now I would have told you I did not have a clue.  I never thought I would live this long.    Here’s a picture of me back then.Richard's transitions 001I got out of the army and went  off the wild way.   I found out later that it was much easier to tie it back and cut the beard off.  As an owner operator and parent, I needed to maintain somewhat of an upright appearance.   I spent about equal time working for myself as I did others over the years.  These days I am all about spending time with family and trying to make up for the lack of it when my kids were growing up.   This is me now.  The way most of the folks who know me in the business world see.   Truth be told, the way I look on most occasions when I am traveling or taxi service for the football player in the family.  I will shortly get to the point of what motivates me and how I discovered the  world of online marketing.

Andrew Viers
Andrew Viers
My Grand daughter and I do a yearly Dance.
My Grand daughter and I do a yearly Dance.




Talk about things that make me want to live longer and have time to see the culmination of all the effort these kids make to move forward  in their lives.  Imagine driving sixty miles to be at a game that won’t be played till two in the afternoon but the kids have different schedules for cheer and football,  so we usually leave very early in the day. Spend long hours helping and cheering on the kids.

During the week, I usually work on my sites and seo  and email marketing.  But on the week end during wrestling, football, cheer  or any other activity these kids are in we are there as often as they are expected to be.    One of my sites at My Grandpas Toy shop  is where I shop for their gifts.       http://mygrandpastoyshop.com


This is me on our way to a football game.
This is me on our way to a football game.
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Oh, by the way, I am also very much involved with affiliate marketing and have many different links to sites that I believe in.

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NASA Celebrates Earth Day with Public Events, Online Activities

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NASA Celebrates Earth Day with Public Events, Online Activities.

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Let’s start reading.

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Just got this email and thought I’d share.

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The fellow who sent this to me  is a very old friend and though we don’t always agree on everything when it comes to lifestyle we are both straight married men.   I don’t condemn those who live by the lifestyle that being Gay represents, but I do question the reasoning behind it.  We all know that there are  many  women out there to choose from.  No need to  pick someone  from the same sex as your partner.  On a lighter note!  How would you like to take $250 dollars and turn it into millions?
 I have a friend who has developed an easy system to use to do just that.  check out the video in this link.
I also am a very devoted user of products from Click Bank and you should be too.  Link to Clickbank
When you are done checking out the products from ClickBank, be sure and come back and let me know what you think of them.fb-ad-secrets-headline-1
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Washington State recently passed two laws. They legalized gay marriage and legalized marijuana.
The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day makes perfect Biblical sense.
Leviticus 20:13   says: “If a man lies with another man they should be stoned.”

Apparently we just hadn’t interpreted it correctly before!

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Today, because I used to be a trucker.

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I spent 35 years behind the wheel of semi trucks, pulling many different types of loads a few were even as big as some of these.

There are more jobs for truckers now than just about any other kind of employment.  Why?  Because even though we don’t manufacture much here in the US anymore we still have to transport goods to market.  I am going to be adding some new clients to my roster in the near future.  Trucking companies that are hiring.   I will tell you this much, there is a lot of competition for you out there if you are a driver with a clean record.   Even today after eight years in retirement I still get company solicitations asking me to go to work.

I kept my driving record squeaky clean for most of my career.  No chargeable highway accidents, and only three speeding tickets in thirty five years.   I don’t say this to brag, but to emphasize the importance of keeping the record clean.   Back in the early 90’s I had a citation for driving over hours because I did not say no to a dispatcher who insisted that I take a run even though I told him  I did not have enough hours of service left on my logs to make the trip.  I got fined $ 1350.00  when I went to court.   You can bet I started saying no emphatically after that one.  The few speeding tickets I got over the years were never for excessive speed, just minor infractions.  That was very important to be able to show on my resume.   In closing,  I’d like to say that you can make from fifty thousand a year on up to eighty or ninety working in the industry, but you must keep it clean,  I don’t just mean the truck either.

My name is RichViers and you are going to hear more about these topics from me soon.



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Fb video pressr is a fan tastic tool.

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If you need a loan for your business?

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We are also affiliated with several other lending companies, and if you are not able to qualify for one at this site. Leave a message.
We will take your information and submit to all our lenders.

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K. Michelle – Can

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Directed by Benny Boom at The Great Fall, Paterson, NJ

Pre-order K. Michelle’s “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” on iTunes right now and instantly receive “Love ‘Em All” and “Maybe I Should Call”:
Download on Google Play/Amazon: http://smarturl.it/getAWBAH

K. Michelle’s #1 debut album ‘Rebellious Soul’ is available in stores and online now http://bit.ly/rebellioussoulYT!

Follow K. Michelle:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmichelle
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kmichellemusic
Instagram: https://instagram.com/kmichellemusic
Website: https://TheKMichelle.com

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Hozier – Take Me To Church

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iTunes – http://po.st/HozieriT3 Amazon – http://po.st/HozierAm3 Official Store & Vinyl – http://po.st/HozierD3 Hozier the album out now.

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Brotherhood Of Man – Save Your Kisses For Me

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Though it hurts to go away
It’s impossible to stay
But there’s one thing I must say before I go
I love You –you know
I’ll be thinking of You in most everything I do
Now the time is moving on
And I really should be gone
But You keep me hanging on for one more smile
I love You –all the while
With your cute little way
Will You promise that you’ll save your

Kisses for me
Save all your kisses for me
Bye bye baby
bye bye
Don’t cry honey don’t cry
Gonna walk out the door
But I’ll soon be back for more

Kisses for me
Save all your kisses for me
So long honey so long
Hang on baby hang on
Don’t You dare me to stay
Cause You know I’ll have to say

That I’ve got to work each day
And that’s why I go away
But I count the seconds till I’m home with You
I love You –it’s true
You’re so cute honey -gee
Won’t You save them up for me -your

Kisses for me
Save all your kisses for me
Bye bye baby bye bye
Don’t cry honey don’t cry
Gonna walk out the door
But I’ll soon be back for more

Kisses for me
Save all your kisses for me
So long honey so long
Hang on baby hang on
Don’t you dare me to stay
Cause you know
You’ve got to save your

Kisses for me
Save all your kisses for me
Bye bye baby bye bye
Don’t cry honey don’t cry
Won’t You save them for me
Even though you’re only three…

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